The Best Ways to Survive Unemployment by Utilizing Grocery Coupons

Clipping numerous inserts is simple once you know how.

  1. Arrange the inserts into stacks so each stack has only one type of insert.


  1. Different the pages in each stack so they are all facing the exact same way.
  1. Cut the vouchers from the stacks so you wind up with 10 discount coupons each for the very same product.


What the heck do you need that many vouchers for?! Let's have a look.

Some supermarket uses to double the value of discount coupons every now and then. These "doublers" will remain in the store advertisement in the Wednesday or Sunday paper, and you can also find them in the store. When doublers come out, it's time to shop!

Get the store advertisement and your discount coupon book. As you're going through the store advertisement, check for vouchers for any of the items that are on sale. Doublers are generally helpful for approximately a $1 significance that if you use a producer's voucher valued at a $1 with a doubler, you will get $2 from that product.

Let's look at an example: You have doublers as well as producer's vouchers for $1 off salad dressing. The salad dressing is on sale for $1.99. Can you think what follows? Free groceries! If you have 6 vouchers for the salad dressing (from clipping numerous discount coupon inserts weekly) and use 6 doublers with those, you will wind up with 6 free bottles of salad dressing. Yay!

This is also called stacking vouchers which just means that if you have a store discount coupon you can use it with a producer's voucher on the exact same product. When you have developed a discount coupon stash by clipping numerous documents weekly, you then await a sale. When you stack a sale, with a store in-ad discount coupon, with a producer's voucher, you're conserving some huge dollars!

And purchasing several products, as in the salad dressing example above, means that when you lack something, you do not need to go to the store to purchase it at the completion rate. Now that's wise cost savings! Throughout anytime of joblessness, cover yourself by having a stockpile of food, personal and family products using discount coupons.

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